Job Opportunities

I.S.G. Staffing understands the challenges that many businesses face when looking for qualified professionals. The result is a proven track record of making sure both the candidate and the company are completely satisfied.

Food and Beverage Staff
   ●   Waiters/Servers
   ●   Cooks/Chefs
   ●   Pool Attendants
   ●   Housekeepers
   ●   Van Drivers

Healthcare Staff
   ●   Physical Therapists
   ●   Occupational Therapists
   ●   Medical Technologists
   ●   Registered Nurses

Teachers and Educators
   ●   Math, Science, English Teachers
   ●   Special Education Teachers

Construction and Landscape
   ●   Welders and Pipe Fitters
   ●   Laborers and Production Helpers
   ●   Landscapers and Groundskeepers

  Available Jobs for 2011 - 2012

   H-2B Visa and H-2B Visa Extensions

   Florida, USA
   Winter Season - October 15, 2011 to May 15, 2012

   ●   Waiters/Servers
   ●   Cooks/Chefs
   ●   Housekeepers

   H-1B Visa and Immigrant Visa
   Florida, USA

   ●   Physical Therapists
   ●   Occupational Therapists
   ●   Medical Technologists
   ●   Registered Nurses with specialization

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Secured work placement and employment agreement with U.S. employers.

Complete immigration support, consultation, and legal representation.

Receive competitive salary that covers the cost of living in the U.S. and provides additional money for the worker and family.

Assistance to housing accommodations.

Transportation assistance from the jobsite to and back to the residence.

Work Accident and Sickness Insurance.

Health Insurance assistance.

Employee preparation, consultation, and training.

Sound support on how to obtain a Social Security Card (requirement).

Key references for building an attractive resume.

Gain valuable experience working and living in the US.

Make contacts that will be valuable to future career.

Establish U.S. work credentials that enhance career advancements.

Engage in productive learning about American business activity.

Improve English language skills.

Spend free time traveling and sightseeing.

Return to the U.S. each year for additional employment.

An adventure of a lifetime.